I am a grace saved sinner, who has come to know the depths of her depravity and appreciates the love of my savior who gave so much for me. I love the term Jesus girl, coined by Angela Thomas ~ it is far simpler and to the point.

I have always been a single mom, myself and my daughter, Jasmyn. I know God used her in my life to heal me and show me how to love others ~ my purpose in life. It is not the road I would have chosen but I would not change a minute of it. We have grown up together through the pouring in of our church family. This time in Florida has shown remarkable growth and healing at incredible costs. I cannot say that I understand God’s plan but it doesn’t change how I love Him and the plan He has for my life (Jeremiah 29:11).

In my journey I have found my way from accounting and marketing to architecture. In a God ordained appointment in my life He showed me who He created to me to be, the claw marks can still be seen down the hallway. I am currently a mental health counseling graduate student and love every minute of how my life changed. It was a rough road to get here; I had to grieve the losses of what I had planned for my life and embrace what God already created me for.

In my wanderings from one profession to another prior to now I have always felt displaced, as an alumnus from Ohio State living in Florida I feel a little geographically displaced. I miss Ohio and the people there I love so much. I am not sure the reason why blogging has been placed on my heart but I am trying to do better in the submitting process.

While the focus of my profession has changed; I still love architecture, photography, reading, and enjoy the creative outlets that are in my life. I am curious how this interesting combination of skills I have acquired finally come together in my life. Ohhh yes and shoes, the more fabulous the better ~ yes I realize fabulous is subjective.

Feel free to join me in this new journey as I work my way through this crazy little thing called life. Remember keep all hands and feet inside the cart until the ride comes to a completed stop and enjoy the rest of your stay …

  1. Love your Blog ….. looks like you could give this girl some set-up instructions.
    Looking forward to following and learning what the Lord is teaching you.

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