101 in 1001

101 goals to do in 1001 days (love this concept)

I found this concept on another site and after Google-ing thought I would give it a whirl.  If nothing else some of these will be very interesting tales.  Here goes my list grouped by like things but not in a most important to least. There is a link at the bottom of the page if you would like to start your own adventure.  Borrow what you like, I modified a few good ideas of others.

Start date: Thursday, May 19, 2011
End date: Tuesday, Feb 13, 2014

  1. Go on a road trip
  2. Take a vacation
  3. See the Northern Lights
  4. Ride in a hot air balloon
  5. Go horseback riding
  6. See 10 classic movies I’ve never seen (02/10)
  7. Attend a film festival
  8. Watch a meteor shower
  9. Go on a cruise 01/12/2012
  10. Go bungee jumping
  11. Get a tattoo
  12. Go white-water rafting
  13. Visit Chicago
  14. See a movie in 3D 06/18/11 (Green Lantern)
  15. See a show on Broadway
  16. Stay overnight at a bed-and-breakfast.
  17. Visit NY City
  18. Take Jaz to beach once a month for a year (0/12)
  19. Go to pool with Jaz daily in the summer for 90 days (0/90)
  20. Ride a roller coaster
  21. Become Bilingual (Spanish)
  22. Donate blood
  23. Answer the “50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind”
  24. Take a nap in a hammock 09/10/11
  25. Create journal to daughter, w/ letters on b-day & beginning of each yr (hopes, dreams & prayers for her)
  26. Get mani/pedi once a month for 1 year – yes you deserve it (03/12)
  27. Complete life plan
  28. Workout what perfect week looks like and translate to livable and achievable – ie make it happen
  29. Identify 100 things that make me happy
  30. Fall in love (leading to marriage)
  31. Get a new job that you love.   05/31/2011
  32. No fast food for a month
  33. Go out for fine dining at least quarterly (dressing up required or doesn’t count) for a year (0/4)
  34. Go to a tea room with Jasmyn
  35. Put together a “girls night out” for my friends  (Girl-friends weekend away inclusive of night out) 09/09/11
  36. Host a themed party
  37. Host dinner at my apt for “new” people once a quarter for a year. (0/4)
  38. Achieve my personal weight goal
  39. Track everything I eat/drink for 30 days straight.
  40. Run a 5K (11/20/11)
  41. Attend a Zumba class
  42. Do a sponsored run / walk for charity
  43. Take dancing lessons
  44. Get Zumba for Wii and learn it well baby!!
  45. Consistently bike ride with Jasmyn after dinner (she has nagged enough)
  46. Start & Finish Couch to 5k.  Start: 09/29/11  End: 11/04/11 (06/29)
  47. Enter and complete Disney Princess 10k with Jasmyn
  48. Eat dinner at the table; complete with prayer & conversation for 1 month (0/30)
  49. Limit tv time to one hour for 1 month (0/30 days)
  50. Jaz & I go on a Mother’s Day Brunch cruise in the bay
  51. Make family game nights a regular for a year (0/54)
  52. Have a family picture taken (04/07/2012)
  53. Have after dinner devotions with Jasmyn for 60 days (0/60)
  54. Complete a 365 day photo challenge  
  55. Find a personally inspirational quote and work it into a piece of art or home decor
  56. Write a book
  57. Post a video on YouTube  06/19/2011
  58. Learn how to play a musical instrument-acoustic guitar
  59. Create a photographic journal for one week
  60. Take 3 classes on website design
  61. Read 50 books, not related to school work (04/50)
  62. Blog consistently for 6 months – 3x’s a week (0/6)
  63. Comment on 5 blogs daily for 30 days (0/30)
  64. Learn to paint in watercolor
  65. Buy a house
  66. Buy a new computer 02/03/2011
  67. Buy a proper DSLR camera
  68. Start an IRA
  69. Buy new sofa / sectional – you know the one 😉 just look on the wish section of hard drive  10/30/2011
  70. Buy a dining room table and chairs
  71. Run 1/2 marathon!
  72. iPad/Tab or whichever one works and get it
  73. iPod – get one preferably touch. Jaz has one and you’re the parent (iPhone 02/2012)
  74. Set up an emergency fund with (at least) 3 months living expenses in it.
  75. Say ‘yes’ to everything for a day
  76. Do 10 nice things for people without telling them (01/10)
  77. Pick 5 people who have changed my life and write each of them a letter
  78. Make tiramisu from scratch. Don’t cut corners.
  79. Spend a whole weekend with no technology (01/2012)
  80. When a friend needs to vent, listen without giving advice
  81. Read ten literary classics
  82. In November write a letter a day to a person I am grateful to (0/30)
  83. Memorize 1 verse a week for a year (0/54)
  84. Sign up for the Step group and do all steps (0/12)
  85. Complete “Shelter From the Storm” 3 times (2/3)
  86. Wake up early for devotion time 5 days a week for one year
  87. Spend 50 hours volunteering {church/interning doesn’t count}. (0/50)
  88. Return to volunteering at AWP, loved it!
  89. Read through Bible in 90 days (0/90)
  90. Read though Bible with Jasmyn in 1 year (0/365)
  91. Have family prayer and scripture study EVERY DAY for 1 month
  92. Go on a mission trip, two if short weekends
  93. Share gospel with at least one person
  94. Journal – Listening Prayer – consistently for 90 days (0/90)
  95. Send 3 surprise gifts to friends, just because. (0/3)
  96. Finish my master’s Degree!!! (08/2013)
  97. Randomly pay the toll for the person behind 12 times (0/12)
  98. Send out Christmas cards (that require a stamp)
  99. Read the complete works of Jane Austen
  100. Register on the National Bone Marrow Registry
  101. Compile a new 101 things to do/goal list after this one

Items in BOLD are in progress; items completed are CROSSED OFF with completion date.

To learn more, or create your own list visit: The Home of 101 things in 1001 days.


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